We offer a variety of services in the Saint Augustine, Titusville, or Edgewater areas, and more remotely. We also price a majority or our services with affordable rates around $50. Our remote services let us access and provide technical support to anywhere around the world with internet so even while away from home or vacation we can help.
  • Remote Support
    • Antivirus and Protections
    • Business and Residential Service
    • Data Backup and Protection
  • Business Technical services
    • Window PC and Smartphones Tech Support
    • Custom Websites Design and Hosting
    • Instant, Professional, and Efficient Technical Services

The Douglas PC Computer Repair Mission provides Technical Support for St. Augustine, FL and Titusville, FL

Our mission is to help people use technology, electronics, and computers.

We are helping people use technology with small monthly program for Antivirus and Remote Assistance while providing great protection, and quick response for computer assistance.

Our program will give the ability to share your screen to let us fix issues quickly.

Get more use and less frustrations from your computer.

Home Residential Computer Repair and Business Technology Services on Anastasia Island, FL or Brevard and Volusia County

Our technical services have helped many people and businesses over the years in several locations.

  • Antivirus, and Virus Removal, OS Reinstallations
  • Computer Upgrades, Repairs, and Replacements
  • Network Troubleshooting, Installations and Improvements
  • Server Diagnostics, Installs, and Upgrades
  • New Computers, Data Transfers, and Crash Recovery
  • Web Sites, Hosting, Development, and Design
  • Technical Support and Remote Assistance
  • Smartphones, Laptops, Desktops, Apps, and Cloud services
  • Purchasing, Consulting, and Advisement
  • Live technical support, remote assistance, and antivirus available for a low monthly fee.
  • Our on-site support allows our technicians to be dispatched anywhere worldwide.

Online Computer Technical Support with Remote Screen Share Assistance

Affordable services, and we can help instantly with professional remote tools.

We are able to connect and solve most problems while on the first phone call.

We can deal with product technical support in a fast effective manner for you.

Same day service and instant results for most of your technical concerns.

We can help with Home Wifi TV configure, New Router Setup Help, Business Network, Printers, or SmartPhones too.

Let us help decrease the frustration of technology.